Complete Process Control

  • The process control ensures that the start-up time and main braking time during load are controlled within 60 milliseconds and have the best vibration performance throughout the welding process. This combination of current feedback with the increase in the amount of vibration control technology, its efficiency than the traditional vibration technology increased by 50% or more. Customer productivity also benefited from a shortened 30-40% welding cycle, while also reducing the generation of flash. In addition, due to the shortening of the main braking time, but also reduce the weld cooling curing during the weld stress, welding strength increased significantly.
  • The main advantages of vibration friction welding technology:
  • * Continuous welding process of large parts, such as: car dashboard welding.
  • * differential heating principle (due to friction only in the welding contact surface)
  • * Low power consumption
  • * Very short welding time in seconds.
  • * Extensive range of applications, almost all available for thermoplastic plastic

Linear vibration friction principle

Welding / mold design requirements

Vibration welding structure

Inspection machine